Sunday, 20 January 2013

My 3d nails

Hey girls
This is just a little post to share with you a small collection of some of my favourite nail designs I had over the last year. I have acrylic nails done once every 3 weeks and as you can see from the pics I don't usually opt for the classic french style! Once the acrylic extension is in place the nails are then decorated with many different colourful and sparkly 3d pieces.

These nails aren't obviously to every ones taste and are certainly very loud and proud but I like to have something a little different and fun and I always get a lot of comments and compliments on them. I think I will make a post on my latest nail design a regular feature on my blog so hopefully it will be something you guys would be interested in seeing.


  1. These are literally works of art- lovely! X

  2. Nice work :)
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  3. THose are gorgeous!


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