Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Crystalised converse

Hey girlys
Just wanted to share with you my beautiful crystalised converse.

They are decorated with swarovski crystals on the toe cap area and with a line running up the back of the shoe then finished off with some thick white ribbon for laces. I absolutely love them and they have brought a new lease of life into my old plain converse. I know there is a lot of company's that offer this service on twitter and facebook and its normally pretty expensive so i am super lucky that there is a lady in my local area who charges just £15 which is such a bargain! Let me know what you guys think I definitely think I will be getting many more items in my wardrobe blinged out soon!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Body shop chocomania and hemp

Hi girls
Just a little post to share some bargains I picked up recently from the Body shop. The store I brought these from was slightly different to a regular Body shop as it was a outlet store so everything is discounted quite a lot from the regular rrp price.

I got a Chocomania duo which included a shower gel and a body butter. This was £8.40 with products worth of £12. This stuff is gorgeous! Its got more of a strong rich coco smell rather than actual chocolate but I love it and it always leaves me feeling completely pampered after use. The body butter is extremely moisturising and leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft. I'm pretty sure that this range is limited edition from last year so hopefully I can get some more before it disappears.
I also got this huge Hemp bundle for just £13.80 with products worth of £23. I personally cant stand the scent of this range however I use it as I suffer from extremely dry skin and eczema and have found the hand protector to be very good from past use. This set contains two of the hand protector creams one large and one mini. 3 hemp moisture high balms and one bottle of moisturising hand wash. The hand protector is quite a intensive moisturiser so I would definitely recommend this if you suffer with particularly dry hands and its great for this time of year with the cold weather. The high balm is like a solid version of the hand protector. I'm not overly keen on this product as it smells very strongly of the hemp scent and is very greasy when applied. The handwash again is very heavily scented but very mild and gentle on the skin so this is great for my poor dry hands as I do find many handwashes to be very harsh and drying.
If you have a outlet store near you I would definitely recommend checking it out as there are big savings to be had and the store I visited was pretty vast in comparison with most Body shop stores.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

My 3d nails

Hey girls
This is just a little post to share with you a small collection of some of my favourite nail designs I had over the last year. I have acrylic nails done once every 3 weeks and as you can see from the pics I don't usually opt for the classic french style! Once the acrylic extension is in place the nails are then decorated with many different colourful and sparkly 3d pieces.

These nails aren't obviously to every ones taste and are certainly very loud and proud but I like to have something a little different and fun and I always get a lot of comments and compliments on them. I think I will make a post on my latest nail design a regular feature on my blog so hopefully it will be something you guys would be interested in seeing.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Kardashian Kollection sale picks

Now I don't know about you but I kind of have a love hate relationship with the January sales. Obviously love that you can pick up some really good bargains. Hate that after over spending on Christmas presents that I'm strapped for cash. Hate that a lot of shops **cough River Island cough** drag out stock from years ago and I'm not joking when I say I saw a top in there a few weeks ago that I brought when I was 17...... I'm now 23!! Hate that after buying things at full price for Christmas presents that just a day later you could of brought it all at half price and saved a small fortune. So I decided to give my local shopping centre a miss but couldn't resist a little brows online.
I don't normally shop from Dorothy Perkins but I remember seeing the Kardashian kollection (I find the K extremely annoying on the word collection!) in my local store and being really impressed with the range so I checked the website to see if there were any bargains to be had and I wasn't disappointed! Almost all of the range was half price with an extra 10% off at the check out so for £48.60 I got 3 items, a dress, a jacket and a top. At full price this would have come to £120!
Here's what I brought
Overall I am really impressed with the quality of these pieces and definitely think they look more high priced than what they were. The only slight niggle I have with this range is that given that it is supposed to be tailored to the more curvy figured woman I don't feel that the size guide is correct. Thankfully I read the reviews of each item before I purchased and many reviews said to buy a size up from what you usually are and this was definitely good advice as the clothing does come up on the small side. However even though I went by this rule the cropped jacket doesn't fasten around me as it should as it doesn't fit! It fits perfectly in every other way but just doesn't do up but I think I will just wear it un done as I think the next size up will be too big. I'm not sure whether the range is just a one off or if there will be new pieces launched this year but I will be keeping a eye out and would definitely purchase again.