Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Welcome to the new Powder paint n pout!

Welcome to the new Powder paint n pout!
Today I made the decision to delete my old blog and start fresh. I felt it no longer represented the way I wanted it to come across and I think this was the reason I had lost my interest and no longer posted. When I think of the blogs that I enjoy reading they have simplistic layouts and the posts are to the point where as I felt mine was over cluttered and full of rambling! I was also fed up of the breaks of months I had left between post.
Now I am no technical genius and I must say I have struggled today to get the layout together and its still not perfect but for now it will do! Hopefully when I get back in the flow with blogger I can make some further adjustments.
I also wanted to say thank you to all of you that follow and I hope that this new blog is something you will continue to read.
I will also be back to twitter which I use solely for this blog.
As always I really appreciate your comments and feed back and I am really looking forward to re connecting with all of you amazing bloggers!

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